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Rabi ul-Awal is here (FREE PRINTABLE)

The blessed month of Rabi ul-Awal has finally arrived and what a great time to remind ourselves and our children of the importance of having love for the Prophet .

Commemorating the important events throughout the Islamic calendar are a great chance for parents to learn and inspire our children. This month in particular is the month of the blessed birth of the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ, when Allah sent us the epitome of mercy. This month is also when the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ migrated from Mecca to Medina and he passed away. In each of these significant moments are lessons that we can share:

  1. Through his blessed birth we can learn about his virtuous Mother and Father (Aminah and Abdullah) and the early signs that indicated the Beloved Messenger was the best of creation.

  2. Through his migration to Medina we can learn about his unwavering patience and dedication to spreading the truth even through the harshest treatment.

  3. And through his passing away we can learn about how he transformed all those around him with his beautiful character.

"And We have not sent you, [O Muhammad], except as a mercy to the worlds." Quran 21:107

To know him is to love him, and what better way to start by exploring his blessed lineage and birth. To commemorate this we’ve created this FREE PRINTABLE bookmark (see below). Let's use this month to catapult our efforts to learn more about the Prophet ﷺ and connect with his Sunnah throughout every month of the year.

Blessed Lineage Bookmark Free Printable
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Narrated Wathilah bin Al-Asqa' that the Messenger of Allah said: "Indeed Allah has chosen Isma'il from the children of Ibrahim, and He chose Banu Kinanah from the children of Isma'il, and He chose the Quraish from Banu Kinanah, and He chose Banu Hashim from Quraish, and He chose me from Banu Hashim." Tirmidhi 3605
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